Monday, December 26, 2016

New Originals And New Prints Available by Simona Candini Art

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great time during these Holidays!
I have some updates :)
As previously announced the two person shows (with my artist friend Raul Guerra) at Penumbra Gallery in Portugal has opened and most of my skully Pin-ups are already adopted but one is still looking for a loving forever home. More info at this link She is all nice and framed and matted with ivory paper lace.

I've already added to my Etsy shop here 6 new skully prints! Including the print of "The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula" which original drawing has just sold at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco!

What do you think? Should I create more skully girls in 2017? ;)

Much Love to you all <3


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Shows and new originals available by Simona Candini

Hi my lovelies, 
Here's a couple of new originals available.
The first one is titled "Kindred Souls" for the show at Alexi Era Gallery in Eugene Oregon. I decied to eperiment with black and white. I really like how it turned out the glowing effect! I've also choosen a majestic frame for this one and I've added sacred hearts milagros and stars to it.
Who doesn't want to adopt two lovely sphynx cats and a little fairy doll? You can find the direct link to the artwork here.

The second one is titled "The Eyes of Sharbat Gula" and it'a for the Wonderlust show at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, CA opening on Dec. 10.  The show is about travelling and exploring the wonders of our beautiful world. I was inspired by the iconic lady of the most famous cover of the National Geographic, Sharbat Gula, and I wanted to represent her as one of my skully girls. A boat is sailing across the folds of her mantle, guided by the moon and its lunar phases. I hope you like her!*** UPDATE: "The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula" is already adopted****

I'm working also on a new series of skully girls, inspired by my all time favorite Hollywood actress and pinups for Penumbra Gallery in Portugal. Please keep an eye on my facebook and instagram pages because most collectors are contacting the gallery while I'm posting work in progress there. If you haven't done it yet, activete the "get notification" flag, so you won't miss my posts.

Did you set up your Christmas tree yet? 
I've just adopted one (a fake/ecological one)  and I'm starting to collect some ornaments :) I so love this time of the year!


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Solo Show at Swoon gallery LA is Online

My dearests,
The "Sacred Hearts" Solo show is now online at Swoon Gallery LA. It is possible to schedule an appointment with Ally (and me) to come see the art in Laguna Beach at
It's possible to see the show online at this link with all the info about medium, size and prices.

Prints of all the artworks will be in my Etsy shop as soon as I will be able to prepare the files for printing. These are more difficult than normal because of the irregular shape of the image and because of the application of the sacred heart, which is 3dimensional. So It will take me a while to have the files ready. I hope to be able to have them up in my shop in December or Jauary at the latest.
I've really put a lot of effort into these artworks, because I was very inspired by the new materials. Most of the artworks are oil on wood slices, which I choose because they allowed me to apply the metal milagros directly onto the painting with screws. Also I love the combination of wood, paint and metal, I think it's soemething refreshing and a little different for me and I enjoyed a lot to work on these.
I'm eclectic and as you know sometimes I like to paint on paper, sometimes use graphites, sometimes oli on canvas, on board or wood. Sometimes I enjoy to paint vinyl toys. I hope you like the variety in my work. I could not repeat every day the same old thing, I really love variety and exploring new ways to be creative. And I'm always happy to hear suggestions and new ideas from you :)


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A couple of sets of holiday greetings cards left!

I love holiday season!!! Such a magical time of the Year!
Do you have any special plans for this year? :)

These are hand-made greeting cards that I've personally created this year to send to my friends and collectors, even though unfortunately I don't have the address of everyone of them :(
Anyway... I have only a couple of these lovely "Rudolph" cards left (sets of 5 cards) and I think It is nice to offer them for purchase because sometimes I receive requests but rarely I have any card available because I don't have much time to create them on a regular basis. If you purchase from USA before Saturday, I Will ship from LA while I'm there (19-23 Nov), so It is sure that you Will get them in a few days. Cost for one set of 5 "Rudolph" blank cards with envelopes is $20.00 + $3.50 shipping in USA ($10.00 for other destinations). If interested please e-mail at

Monday, November 14, 2016

Clutter Magazine interview to Simona Candini

Hi everyone! Clutter Magazine Gallery interviewed me recently and it's possible to find a copy of the magazine at this link This is a very in depht interview and the magazine features also some nice pictures of my studio and of my work. The issue is full of cool articles about the toy world and much more, so I highly suggest to collect this magazine if you want to be always updated on the news in the art and toy word especially now that we are very close to Designer con! I cannot believe that this year I'll have the chance to visit the booths of some of my favorite artists in LA :)

Lately I've worked on some vinyl toys, and it was so much fun. The one I'm posting in the pictures here is an UFO spaceship that I painted for a recent exhibition by Martian Toys. I'm looking forward to work more on toys and 3d figures next year. I hope that you will like my new creations!

Much Love!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Meet And Greet Event In LA Nov. 22 + Solo show "Sacred Hearts"

Hi beautiful people,
The preview of my solo show will be online soon for the ones of you who are in the collector list of Swoon Gallery. My solo show with Swoon this year is titled "Sacred Hearts" and I wanted to experiment with new materials, so I've painted most of the artworks oil on wood slices and I've also used a combination of graphite on wood. I wanted to create something 3D so there will be a shadow box with a deer figurine that I loved to paint.
I used some of the sacred hearts (milagros-ex voto) of my personal collection and I've applied them on my artworks, creating a mix of wood, metal and paint. I love this combination and I hope that you will enjoy it too.
In occasion of this, Ally of Swoon Gallery invited me to spend a few days in LA and I'm so excited, being my first time in the City of Angels. She is organizing for me a meet and greet event that will take place in Laguna Beach on Nov. 22. There will be champagne and we'll have fun, and I will be so happy to meet everybody who has the chance to come and say hi! The event is open to the public, but rsvp is requested so that things will be organized in the best way.
To make a reservation to the event or to be in the collector preview list or to schedule an appointment to come and see the art in person, please email

Thank you! <3

Here's the link to event on facebook

Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW PRINTS in Simona Candini Art Etsy Shop!

Hi my sweet lovelies <3
I hope that you enjoyed your summer and getting ready for more fun during the upcoming Halloween season ^__*
I've just added a couple of new prints to my Etsy shop here 
(Also for the ones of you that prefer Ebay, I've also added a number of prints to my Ebay store here   but I'm still adding more!)

My newest skully girl is titled "F**k You" and the original has already sold while I was posting w.i.p. pictures on instagram/facebook. but prints are already available :)

Also it's available a limited edition in two different sizes of "Judjment", the artwork that I've created for "The Lowbrow Tarot II" show at Alexi Era Gallery (OR). The original is also sold and the artwork will be also published in  the "Lowbrow Tarot II" book by Alexi Era Publishing.

Now I go back painting for my upcoming solo show at Swoon Gallery LA that will be in late November this year. I will post work in progress soon! In the meanwhile follow me on instagram to be always updated! @simonacandini
To get first dibs on my art and be in the preview list, contact Ally here.

Much love to you all!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Mr Nite Nite" vinyl toy by Peter Kato customized by Simona Candini on display at Clutter Gallery

Hi everyone!
I'm so excited to be in this show at Clutter Gallery!
My skully bunny "Mr Nite Nite" is up for adoption here and I hope that he'll find soon a  loving forever home <3 Click HERE for info and adoption

Monday, April 18, 2016

NEW ORIGINAL ARTWORK AVAILABLE and new prints in Simona Candini Etsy shop! Win an original drawing with my makeup contest!

Hi everybody,
Hello Kitty And 99 Friends show is now on at PIQ Gallery at Grand Central Station in NYC. I've seen some pictures of the show and wow I love everything there!!!
My piece "Loulou Ne Pleure Plus" is there and if you are interested you can inquire contacting PIQ Gallery at this e-mail address 

I've added a couple of new prints in my Etsy shop from my "storyteller series" on Moleskine sketchbook :)
One is "The Ugly Duckling" and "Maleficent" which I draw a while back in 2013 and 2014 (I'm releasing the prints now for the first time), and the third is my newest "Alice In Wonderland" graphite drawing which I've just completed. I hope that you like them!

Link to Simona Candini Etsy Shop 

Last news for today, I'm having a makeup contest on my instagram @simonacandini
Spread the word to your friends! If you don't use instagram, you can send your pictures directly to me here 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

SPRING SALE 50% OFF ORIGINAL PAINTING on Ebay plus new print in Simona Candini shop!

Hi everybody!
This is currently the only painting that I have available here in my studio and that is still looking for a home. Who wants to adopt these two little baby twins?
The artwork is acrylics on canvas paper and it comes framed. It's up for auction at more than 50% off!!! Crazy :)  Link to Ebay Here

Also I've just added a new print! it's from my "Storyteller" Series of drawings on Moleskine.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Keep Instagram Chronological!

Hi everyone,
Thousands of people have already signed this petition for keeping Instagram the way it is. What are you waiting for? Sign the petition, it's very quick and easy!


this post is about the change that Instagram is soon going to make. They want to change the chronological order of the posts to the algorythm, like they did with Facebook.
The result is that instagram will decide what you should or should not see, like it happened on facebook. My facebook fan page was doing great before the algorythm change and now my posts don't show up in the news feeds as before and most of my followers don't see my posts on their feeds.  It will be much more difficult for artists and small businesses to be known and to be discovered by people with this new system on Instagram. YOU can make the difference, join now!

Thank you!

Simona Candini

Thursday, March 24, 2016

78 tarot Deck Kickstarter campaign!

Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to announce that the kickstarter campaign for the creation of the 78 Tarot deck is officially started and it already has a lot of backers!!! Thank you!!!! You can pre-order your deck and a lot of other fantastic goodies and make this fantastic project become true very soon! Here's the link KICKSTARTER 78 TAROT
I've created this artwork "The Star" (12'x16" Oil on canvas) just for this deck. the original is reserved already by a collector, but I also have prints of her (it's possible to find limited ed. prints in my Etsy shop here )

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NEW PRINTS in Simona Candini Etsy Shop!

Hi everybody!
Today I've been working on my pc all day long and I managed to prepare the files and list all my newest prints in my Etsy shop! Yeeeey!
Link to my shop here

I have listed two new Skully Girls from my "Bones And Poetry" series that I've started back in 2013. Every year I'm making a few new ones ^__^ so the family is growing little by little.
Remember the original Skully Girls from my series are ©Simona Candini! ;)

Also I've created the dark version of these two, for my Midnight Series Edition. I love how they turned out and the contrast, the colorful bright effect, almost like a neon light in the dark of a busy metropolis! Very very pop! :)

I've also listed the print of my newest Whispering Rose inspired by the Alice talking flowers. I'm thinking to make a small series of flowers and to title it "Enchanted Flowers of The Undead Forest" because you know, most of my characters live there. ^__^ For sure you remember the Broken Hearted Princesses of The Undead Forest and the Critters! Speaking about that, I've added the print of "Holly" the cute purple striped baby zebra who thinks to be a reindeer. She's so sweet isn't she?

And I've created a Midnight version of the Whispering Rose. At first I wasn't sure, but then I started to play with colors and I really love the result! It looks like an evil twin rose! What do you think?

Then I've added in my shop also the first three prints of my new series featuring famous architectures from different cities. I still have to find the perfect title for this series.
Anyway there will be more to come because I do enjoy very much to draw architectures with graphite. I love to indulge over all the little details...

And for tonight that's all! I will have more news very soon about projects and shows, stay tuned! :)

Thank you for loving my art.
I love you!