Monday, March 28, 2016

Keep Instagram Chronological!

Hi everyone,
Thousands of people have already signed this petition for keeping Instagram the way it is. What are you waiting for? Sign the petition, it's very quick and easy!


this post is about the change that Instagram is soon going to make. They want to change the chronological order of the posts to the algorythm, like they did with Facebook.
The result is that instagram will decide what you should or should not see, like it happened on facebook. My facebook fan page was doing great before the algorythm change and now my posts don't show up in the news feeds as before and most of my followers don't see my posts on their feeds.  It will be much more difficult for artists and small businesses to be known and to be discovered by people with this new system on Instagram. YOU can make the difference, join now!

Thank you!

Simona Candini

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