Saturday, February 10, 2018

New Lover's Eye ORIGINAL paintings in Simona Candini Art Etsy shop!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you're having a great weekend, relaxing and doing what you love the most <3
I've just listed in my Etsy shop two new mini original oil paintings, two lovers eyes! I hope you'll like them. I wanted to create something very special and so I put a lot of care in painting life like big eyes and framing them with double frame and all kind of little jewels <3

you can find them here, freshly listed in my shop!  with all the details and info,
but please don't hesitate to contact me for further information!

I also offer PAYMENT PLANS upon request <3

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Original painting+Hand embellished canvas print+ Necklace in my Etsy shop- ships from USA

Hi everyoone!
Are you preparing for the holidays? Is your Christmas tree already all nice and decorated? :)
Yes my favorite period of the year is Halloween, but I love Christmas holidays too, plus my birhtday is approaching soon hehe :P

I've added some goodies to my shop! I've recently got back one original painting and one hand embellished framed canvas print from the gallery show, and now are listed in my Etsy for a special price. Also I've one of my necklaces available.

These items ships from USA, James is helping me out. He is great and takes great care of my artworks. My prints ships from Italy as usual.

"Twins" original painting HERE
"Poison Ivy" hand embellished canvas print with hand painted frame HERE
Necklace here  

Thursday, November 30, 2017

New! Original painting, original toys and other goodies just landed in my Etsy shop!

Hi everyone!

First of all...I'm back from DCON!!! I hope you had a chance to take a look at my IG or Facebook to see a little tour of it and some fun pictures with other artists friends :)  It was really a great experience and I'm looking forward to come back next year!
If you are curious, here's a video by @toygeeksbtc where the lovely @toydames are going around the convention interviewing some artists and designers and there's also a short interview of yours truly behind the end of the clip. I hope you enjoy watching the video, here's the link.

Second news, I've listed a few days ago in my Etsy shop stickers and pins, postcards and Christmas cards! I've left them to James that is shipping from WA to help me out. Some of the stickers and pins are already sold out so thank you very much to all of you who stopped by my shop!  I will do my best to restock some of the sold out designs and to add new goodies early next year. I will probably set a separate shop for that.

Third news, I've just added to my shop GIGI adn Mr Cupcake original toys for a special holiday price and you can find them here.

I've received "The Fountain Of Wishes" original painting back from the gallery and if interested in adopting this beautiful mermaid you can contact me here. or send me a private message on facebook/instagram/Etsy. At the moment this is the only original painting that I have available. I've also listed it in my Etsy shop, but I'm open to payment plans too and I can delete the listing in the shop and hold the artwork upon deposit (payment plans, no interests).

Ok I think for now this is all about my latest news!
This year was crazy with so many projects, collective shows, 3 solo shows, designer con and wow it's been very busy and it will be until the end of December! I loved it, it was a challange, but I made it and I'm proud! But I couldn't have done any of this without the love and support of my collectors, friends, galleries and I want to thank everyone who is supporting me in this journey, with all my heart and gratitude! For 2018 my goal is to have more artworks offered directly by me and take the time to make some custom artworks and slow down with the gallery shows a little, so I can have a little more of a human schedule LOL. There will be surprises and new projects, new goals to reach. Thank you for being with me!
I love you all!


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Simona Candini Art Booth #203 DESIGNER CON Pasadena!

Hi Everyone, I'm so happy and excited to announce that I will be at Designer Con booth #203 this upcoming november 11-12 in Pasadena, California! Here's the website with all the info for the event:
I've been preparing all kind of goodies for this convention! I can't wait :)
I will have necklaces, keyrings, bookmarks, hand painted designer toys, my very first desigenr toy designed by myself :P , calendars, planners and journals, posters, postcards, my new enamel pin collection, my new stickers collection and some original sketches! Come visit me at booth #203!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

SOLO SHOW at PIQ in NYC Grand Central Terminal! + Beautiful Bizarre Magazine interview

Hi my loves, 
As you already know from instagram/facebook, my solo show "Fight Like A Girl" at PIQ just opened and 9 artworks out of 10 sold during the online preview, before the physical opening at the gallery. So first of all I want to thank with all my heart the collectors who adopted my girls, the ones who tried to and the staff at PIQ! Thank you for being with me, for loving what I do, it means everything to me and nothing of this would be possible without you! So THANK YOU!

There is still one girl needing for a home, she's our sassy catwoman and you can find her at this link with all the info.

Also, I've created a few hand embellished canvas prints, some of them have hand painted frames and look like originals! I only have created them specially for this event. I hope you like them :)

If you are curious to know more about the concept behind my solo show and my art in general, about me and my future project that I haven't revealed yet on my socials, go to Beautiful Bizarre Magazine website! The wonderful Miu Vermillion just released my interview! This interview is very in depth and personal. It's never easy for me to speak about myself, but I did my best to open more than what I normally do and speak from my soul. I hope you will enjoy to read it and take a look to the mages that BBM chose :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Much Love <3


Thursday, August 3, 2017

New original mini painting at Sally Centigrade Art Gallery in Lakewood, CO

Hi my dear friends,
I'm very happy to have a miniature oil painting in the "Funny Size" show at Sally centigrade Gallery in Lakewood Colorado.
The show is curated by the amazing Sarah Ellen Banks aka Pink Sugar Fueled :) and it features tiny and affordable lovely mini paintings!
Here's is my "Amelie" in her tiny hand painted frame. Oil on canvas mounted on board, 3.5"x4.5"
For info and inquiries contact
Thank you!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pictures from Simona Candini Solo show at Wrong Gallery Taipei

Hi my lovelies,
I finally had the chance to organize my pc and pictures, and I realized that I haven't yet shared with you all the pictures from my past solo show at Wrong Gallery Taipei!
The artworks almost sold out locally at the opening in Taiwan so I'm very happy!
As you can see I've also hand painted all the frames <3
I'm starting soon a new series of heroines... I'd love to have some suggestions from you: which should I paint next? <3

p.s. Prints of all of the artworks are in my Etsy shop at this link.