Sunday, April 30, 2017

NEW ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING AVAILABLE + NEW! Merchandise on Redbubble * Modified Watches+ NEW Website

Hi everyone!
I've been so busy lately and couldn't update my blog/newsletter as often as usual, so in this post I'm going to present a little recap of the latest news. So... Ready? :)
Ok... first of all I've just completed a new original oil painting on canvas for the show at La Bodega Gallery in San Diego CA! The show is titled "Venus" and it's an all women exhibition.
I've created this beautiful hand painted frame and I've applied pearls and beads onto it and it's so lovely and matching the artwork in the perfect way like I wanted.
The painting features a lovely purple haired mermaid, dressed with a fancy embroidered dress, and sitting on a carousel unicorn seahorse, floating in the sky. The mermaid is holding a Venice "Gondola" boat in which there's a lucky boy who has just been rescued from a giant octopus by our mermaid, who doesn't look too impressed by him anyway... LOL


More news: I've just opened my Redbubble shop and I'm adding new designs weekly! I'm offering mugs, pillows, clocks, phone cases, tote bags an a lot of other cool items all 100% Redbubble beautiful quality warranted!
Check out CandiniDesigns on redbubble here!

Also, I've had the honour to partner with Modified Watches team to create my own line of watches! I really love these, so many colors and combinations! Check my new watches here at Modify Watches!

Last, but not least for this post, I've a NEW WEBSITE! Yeeeeey! Finally, I had the chance to work on my website and I've created completely a new one! I think it turned out very clear to browse and easy, simple and elegant and I did my best to include most of my works, organized not chronologically, but in themed galleries, to have all my series well organized. As you know I have some series that I've started years ago, but that are ongoing so I thought it was nicer to proceed in this way. I'm accepting any suggestion that can help improve my new website! I still have to add a few things here and there, but I can say that it's pretty much completed. I want to do a giveaway involving my new websites as soon as I will get the chance ^__^ Here's the link

That's all for today my friends!

Have a wonderful week and much love from yours truly! <3

Thursday, April 20, 2017

New custom designer toy available and showcased at upcoming London Toycon!

Hi everyone! :) I hope you had a great Easter and a nice time to relax with your friends and family.
I eat a whole egg already and all this chocolate gave me lots of fuel to complete some works LOL including the toy that I'm customizing for the upcoming London Toycon!

Here are the picture of "The Guardian Of The Crystals" which is made from the Baby Colossus created by Tomodachi Island. It was already lovely as a blank vinyl toy!

I've painted all with acrylics and sealed with varnish. I've given also a little tribute to my beloved My Little Ponies which I collect ;) it was fun to paint them so super tiny on the back of the toy.

Then I've added a wood base, which I've decorated with beads and I've applied some beautiful fluorite natural crystals which are powerful and energetic and I really love them especially for their beautiful colors that span from purple to green.

The artwork will be showcased at the Toycon, but you can send inquiries to Aaron of Martian Toys here 

Have a fantastic day my lovelies and I'll be back soon with some more news that I haven't shared here in my blog/newsletter yet <3