Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New prints just listed in Simona Candini Art Etsy shop!

Hi All :) I hope you are enjoyng the spring and the sun!
We had some rainy days here in Bologna, but finally it looks like that the sun is back.
I do love rain actually, but I love spring for the fact that the days are getting longer again and the sun sets later. Even though I function better during the evening/night hours and I get more productive and awake, I also love the sun and the energy that it radiates. ^__^

Anyhow...I've just listed in my Etsy shop some new prints here. Check them out!  The originals are all sold and a part of private collections. I'm so thankful to have such awesome collectors and supporters. Thank you all for loving my art <3 It is thanks to you that I can keep creating!

Much Love

Sunday, May 7, 2017


It was a Moleskine kind of night....
you know... these nights you can't sleep and all your ghosts come to pay a long visit to you.

I had to stop painting for my new commission and let the pencil guide me.

Drawing without thinking can be so much therapeutic.

"You Are Not Alone"
8"x10" Graphite on Moleskine Paper
Storyteller series

Up for adoption on my Etsy shop here