Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Update from Simona Candini Art- featured Solo show at Hive Gallery, Los Angeles-

Hi Everyone!
It's been about a year since I don't post in my blog/newsletter. Who follows me on IG and FB knows though that I've been very active the whole time, despite some health problems that I had for a while. Now I'm getting my strength back little by little, one step at a time. My blog/newsletter had some technical problems and I didn't have the chance to look into it until today, so I'm finally back writing here and I will do it everytime I have a news for you, like before. As a full time indipendent artist, I have to take care by myself at all the aspects of my work, the web part as well, and sometimes it's just too much for one person and so I couldn't fix my blog until today. I'm sorry for not being able to post for such a long time! I promise I'll make up for it :)

Here I have the pleasure to post the full images of the new artworks that I've created for my new solo show that just opened at Hive Gallery in Los Angeles! This show is featured during the 14th anniversary celebration of the gallery and I wanted to base all the artworks on Edgar Allan Poe horror stories and poems. I wanted to represent the tragically fragile beauty of the ladies that populate his stories and that are often object of a great obsession for the main male characher. Poe was traumatized by the early death of his beautiful wife, who died of tubercolosis at the young age of 24 and this event has deeply conditioned and inspired all his literature.
I hope you all will like my newest artworks and if you are interested in contacting the gallery here's the address sales@hivegallery.com. Nathan will be happy to give you all the info and let you know which artworks are available.
Prints of these artworks will be soon in my Etsy shop. You can subscribe to the shop newsletter too, to know everytime I update the shop with something new.
Much Love,




"The Oval Portrait"

"The Black Cat"

"The Raven"