Friday, March 15, 2013

"Princess Vanity" New original Painting up for sale on Ebay!

"Princess Vanity" ©Simona Candini
ORIGINAL One Of A Kind Painting, directly from the artist!
Titled, Dated, Signed
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper
Certificate of Authenticity

Original Princess Vanity Painting for sale here


I've the honor to introduce you "Princess Vanity".
This painting is inspired by the "Seven Deadly Sins" theme, and of course, I couldn't miss the skull, as an essential complement to the "Vanity" sin representation :)
I hope you like it!

All images protected by © Copyright Simona candini march 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Simona Candini's interview + Work in Progress

Per i miei fans italiani, questo e' il link alla mia intervista che potete leggere nel blog della giornalista Fabia Tona, blog molto interessante che si occupa di cultura, arte, libri e psicologia.
Intervista a Simona Candini

<<Hi Everybody!
For my Italian fans, here's the link to my interview in italian, by Journalist Fabia Tona, Enjoy!>>

Just started my new commission "Alice In Wonderland". I love this theme and I'm very excited about it. To answer some people who already asked me, yes there will be prints, aceo and and L.E. canvases available for purchaise as always once completed :)

New! I'm creating a series of PonyGirls!
I know, this idea is a little bit crazy, but super cute, isn't it?
The one on the right is "Sweet Tooth", the PonyGirl for the auction on Bad Apple, she is completed (I'll post the link with the auction when it starts, it will be near the end of the month). The one on the left is "Princess Vanity" and she's still in progress. She will be up for sale once completed, I'll post all the links :)

Enjoy the sneak peek! ;)

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Friday, March 8, 2013

AUCTION! Original Painting "Spring Magic" on Ebay!

"SPRING MAGIC" ©Simona Candini
ORIGINAL One Of A Kind Painting, directly from the artist!
Titled, Dated, Signed
Acrylics on Masonite
2"Deep Wood Cradle, painted black, gallery style
Hanger on the back
Certificate of Authenticity EBSQ certified


This painitng is part of my "The Four Seasons" series and follows "Autumn Magic" and "Winter Magic".
In "Autumn Magic" the main subject is a young girl and her element is the fire.
"Winter Magic"  presents a butterfly winged fairy, and her element is the air.
In "Spring Magic" we find a centaurus girl and her element is the earth.
Next season I'll paint the last one of the series, "Summer Magic" and probably she will be a sea creature, maybe a mermaid, and her element the water.
A young beauty, half girl and half deer, is offering a blue flower to a colorful "Hummingsnail", to celebrate the arrival of spring.
The snow is melting on the mountains far away, and the nature is blooming in all its splendor.