Friday, January 31, 2014

new original painting available by Simona Candini Art for "Simple Treasures" show at Alexi Era Gallery

at Alexi Era Gallery for new show "Simple Treasures" opening this Saturday. For inquiries contact 

"That Little Bloody Heart" is the first painting of a new series I'm working on -Circus Decadence- 
This is Oil on Masonite board and the frame is completely hand painted. ^__^ I hope you like it!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New original paintings by Simona candini available at Wrong Gallery Taipei for the upcoming show dedicated to the year of the horse!

Hi everybody!
I'm excited to announce that two paintings of mine will be at Wrong Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan for next show dedicated to the year of the horse :)

Here's my new "Carousel Centaurette"  She'll be at the upcoming show at Wrong Gallery Taipei, dedicated to the year of the horse. I hope I'll have the chance to make a series of them, because I love pony girls!

"I Will Protect you From Love"
Framed it measures 14"x17". 
Mixed traditional techniques on Fabriano watercolor paper with hand painted frame

contact Ron at

6.5"x8" framed

From my series -Critters Of The Undead Forest-, here's little Amelia! 
Amelia is a very curios little girl and she often finds herself in big troubles for that...

I've also added a new print a few days ago: "Stitchy" the little blue elephant!
here in my Etsy shop
I'll be adding more prints soon! ;)

Last, but not least ;) I'm running a giveaway for the whole month of January to win an original 5"x7" graphite drawing of your choice. This drawing will be done just for you! It's possible to choose between a skully girl, a broken doll or a critter of the undead forest :) If you are already subscribed to my newsletter you enter the contest automatically!!!
The lucky winner will be annouunced on Feb 1st.