Friday, February 24, 2012

New original painting by Artist Simona CAndini up for auction on Ebay!

Strawberry IceDream features a sweet brat angel riding a peculiar carousel :)
If you like strawberry icecream, carousels, coackroches and dreaming with your eyes open this painting would be a great addition to your collection! ;)
You can find it for sale at this link
The painitng is frame and ready to hang and it measures about 17"x22"

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Painting Up for Auction On Ebay! Le Carrousel De Mimi

Le Carrousel De Mimi
©Simona Candini 2012
Acrylics on MAsonite
2" cradled panel, gallery style
... Ready to hang

This is my own latest original painitng and it's up for auction on Ebay at this link

•Lately I've been obsessing over carousels, I love them! 
Mimi listens to the noise of silence beneath the colorful carnival of life, but still she continues her ride...