Thursday, December 4, 2014

Get The Lead Out VI show: new original paintings available!

Hi Everybody! "Get The Lead Out VI" is on! You can see the show online here 
GET THE LEAD OUT and you can e-mail Ally for inquiries at Swoon Gallery Email If you are in LA come and see it in person on Saturday. It will be at Leanna Lin's wonderland in eagle rock from 5-9pm. 

I have a small portrait of Penelope,
Two new Octobrats!! Full colors this time ;) 8"x10" plus lovely hand painted frames
and finally one 11"x14" for my Critters of the Undead Forest series, populated by some characters from previous paintings, like Poor Teddy, Mister Cupcake, Penelope, the Octocherub the little starry octopus, the funny spirit with unicorn and then there is a new entry! The little lamb that still needs a name ;)

Much love <3