Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NEW PRINTS in Simona Candini Etsy Shop!

Hi everybody!
Today I've been working on my pc all day long and I managed to prepare the files and list all my newest prints in my Etsy shop! Yeeeey!
Link to my shop here

I have listed two new Skully Girls from my "Bones And Poetry" series that I've started back in 2013. Every year I'm making a few new ones ^__^ so the family is growing little by little.
Remember the original Skully Girls from my series are ©Simona Candini! ;)

Also I've created the dark version of these two, for my Midnight Series Edition. I love how they turned out and the contrast, the colorful bright effect, almost like a neon light in the dark of a busy metropolis! Very very pop! :)

I've also listed the print of my newest Whispering Rose inspired by the Alice talking flowers. I'm thinking to make a small series of flowers and to title it "Enchanted Flowers of The Undead Forest" because you know, most of my characters live there. ^__^ For sure you remember the Broken Hearted Princesses of The Undead Forest and the Critters! Speaking about that, I've added the print of "Holly" the cute purple striped baby zebra who thinks to be a reindeer. She's so sweet isn't she?

And I've created a Midnight version of the Whispering Rose. At first I wasn't sure, but then I started to play with colors and I really love the result! It looks like an evil twin rose! What do you think?

Then I've added in my shop also the first three prints of my new series featuring famous architectures from different cities. I still have to find the perfect title for this series.
Anyway there will be more to come because I do enjoy very much to draw architectures with graphite. I love to indulge over all the little details...

And for tonight that's all! I will have more news very soon about projects and shows, stay tuned! :)

Thank you for loving my art.
I love you!


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