Thursday, November 17, 2016

Solo Show at Swoon gallery LA is Online

My dearests,
The "Sacred Hearts" Solo show is now online at Swoon Gallery LA. It is possible to schedule an appointment with Ally (and me) to come see the art in Laguna Beach at
It's possible to see the show online at this link with all the info about medium, size and prices.

Prints of all the artworks will be in my Etsy shop as soon as I will be able to prepare the files for printing. These are more difficult than normal because of the irregular shape of the image and because of the application of the sacred heart, which is 3dimensional. So It will take me a while to have the files ready. I hope to be able to have them up in my shop in December or Jauary at the latest.
I've really put a lot of effort into these artworks, because I was very inspired by the new materials. Most of the artworks are oil on wood slices, which I choose because they allowed me to apply the metal milagros directly onto the painting with screws. Also I love the combination of wood, paint and metal, I think it's soemething refreshing and a little different for me and I enjoyed a lot to work on these.
I'm eclectic and as you know sometimes I like to paint on paper, sometimes use graphites, sometimes oli on canvas, on board or wood. Sometimes I enjoy to paint vinyl toys. I hope you like the variety in my work. I could not repeat every day the same old thing, I really love variety and exploring new ways to be creative. And I'm always happy to hear suggestions and new ideas from you :)


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