Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Limited Edition Prints in Simona Candini Art Etsy Shop!

Hi evryone!
I'm very happy to announce that all the paintings for my solo show at Swoon Gallery LA are SOLD OUT! :)
But it is still possible to add a beautiful limited edition print to your collection! I've just listed a number of new prints in my etsy shop! I've been up until 6.30 am to prepare all the files and list them on Etsy ^__* I've also added new sections to the shop, so that it should be easier to browse trough the items.

So now my shop is pretty much updated with all the new artworks!
Find them here Simona Candini Art Etsy Shop

Madonna of the red Cherubs

Stitched With Love Forever in My Heart

Wolf And Red

Lady Death print. This is the only painting that is still available also as an original. Contact me for info about it Simona Candini Art email

All Seven Automaton Girls

Pugsley Addams

Bettie Boop

The "Horror Soulmates" that I've kept secret until now: Pinhead from Hellraiser and Freddie Krueger from Nightmare

Death from my new series that I'll be working on next year inspired by The four Horseman


Much Love To You All,
Yours Simo

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