Friday, December 11, 2015

Automaton Girls! Simona Candini Solo Show At Swoon Gallery LA

Hi everyone!
I'm very happy to announce the opening of my solo show at Swoon Gallery.
This show is focused on my new series of Automatons, cute robot dolls that are a little broken but still have a lot of love to give. Each of them has a story that can be "read" by looking closely at each artwork. Each doll has her own prototype name, but I wanted to add also an evocative title. They come with their lovely white and gold custom wood frame.Will you give them a loving home? Adopt an Automaton!
I will also have prints of them available in my Etsy shop.
It's possible to view online all the artworks here and send inquiries to Ally here
Swoon gallery ships worldwide and offers payment plans :)

Automaton M.I.A. 1.1
Mommy's Love

Automaton M.I.A. 1.2
Poor Me! I Burned All the Muffins...

Automaton M.U.S.A. 1.1
Sweet Untuned Melody

Automaton M.U.S.A. 1.2
Cause My Heart Can Still Sing

Automaton G.A.I.A. 1.1
No Matter Where You Are, I Will Find You

Automaton G.A.I.A. 1.2
My Love Will Lead You Safe

They Are 8"x10"
Mixed Technique (Graphite, Pencils, Watercolors, Acrylics On Coffee Stained Fabriano paper)

Frames are 13"x15" Hand decorated with gold leaf with the traditional technique
Made in Italy, solid wood, with glass

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