Saturday, December 12, 2015

New ORIGINAL ART available at Modern Eden And Clutter Gallery!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are enjoying my solo show at Swoon Gallery :)

Last two shows for this year are at Modern Eden with the annual "Wanderlust" exhibition and at Clutter gallery with a Holiday Season themed show "Gift Wrapped".

Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, CA every year organizes this spectacular exhibition inspired by the travelling, the freedom, the wonders of wandering :) and I'm very happy to be part of it!
This show opens today (Saturday 12) at 6:00 pm and goes on until Jan 2.

I have two pieces featuring my two most popular characters from my series "Critters Of The Undead Forest"

"Poor Teddy, Tell me Your Secrets"  that you can find here


"Tell Me Your Story, Penelope" that you can find here

I hope that you like them :)

Clutter Gallery in Becon, NY opens today the "Gift Wrapped Show" , also full of great artists such as Camilla D'Errico which I'm totally in love with. This is the first time that I exhibit with this gallery, so I'm super excited!

I made three miniature cameo paintings mounted on decorations for this show, featuring three colorful catwomen, along the line of my "Lucky Charms" painting :)

For info it's possible to e-mail the gallery here!

I'm loving joyful pastel colors lately, maybe it's because I'm particularly in a good mood *__^

How is your Christmas gift hunting? I'm still behind on it, so I will dedicate next days finding presents for my friends and family, it's so much fun! They are all art lovers, so it will be easy for me to find something special and unique ;)

Much Love to you all my lovelies!


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