Monday, May 27, 2013

New Pony Girls and prints on Etsy e Ebay. 20% off on Etsy!

Hi everybody,
Sice last March my pony Girl are becaming more numerous :) and
a new one (or I should say two, mom and child) has born a few days ago :) The original is sold (it was a commission painting), but the prints are available here on Etsy at this link
Fantasy Pony Girl Cantaurus Cute Simona Candini
And on Ebay here

Rimember that on my etsy shop, with coupon code 20OFF, you can save 20% off your entire purchase, for every item (minimum $10).

"Storytime" is the title ♥ and this cute couple become already pretty popular ;)
i hope you like them :)

Anybody remember the previous ones that has born since last March 2013?

Here they are in all their beautiful rainbow colors :)

All my pony Girls are registered and copyrighted by the library of congress and cannot be copiated, imitated or used without my (Simona Candini) written permission.
The Original "Pony Girls" series is created and copyrighted by Simona Candini since March 2013.

I hope you like them, there are going to be more to come very soon! I'm going to complete my "Seven deadly sins series" and they will be available on Ebay or Etsy after July 8th. I'll paint them while I'm in Italy visiting my family :) So they will be italian pony girls, I must make sure to teach the some english LOL :)

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