Monday, May 13, 2013

New original painting "Le Petite Madeleine" by Simona Candini with hand painted baroque frame

Hi everybody,
here's the painting I've been working on lately "Le Petite Madeleine".
It has a very particular shape and just cutting the Masonite board to fit the frame required a lot of precision, but now it's finally completed :)

I've hand painted the frame myself. I love how gold pairs with white in a very elegant way.

I hope you like it!

Here below are the details about the painting:

"Le Petite Madeleine " ©Simona Candini
ORIGINAL Painting, directly from the artist!
Titled, Dated, Signed + Certificate of Authenticity
Acrylics on Masonite

This painting has a very particular shape,
overall the panel alone measures 4"x7.5"
with frame, measures 9"x12"



This is a painting inspired by "In Search Of Lost Time" (Marcel Proust), in particular, the episode of "The Petite Madeleine", which is also the title of the painting.
I wanted to symbolize the introspective voyage of the memories evoked by the sweet smell of the Madeleine cake.

Link: Original painting "Le Petite Madeleine" by Simona Candini on Etsy
Link: Original painting "Le Petite Madeleine" by Simona Candini on Ebay


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