Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Prints on Simona Candini Art Etsy shop!

Hi everybody,
I finally was able today to update my Etsy shop with prints of all the complete collection of the "Broken Hearted Princesses" and all the "Critters Of The Undead Forest" series.
I've also re-opened my ebay shop, and I will update it with new prints next.



  1. How adorable! I love how one could easily tell that each character is intended for a single series. I guess that's how good you are with illustrative consistency. At any rate, I'm sure those prints have been selling well, individually and as a collection in your Etsy, Simona! Keep us posted for more!

    Travis White @ Marketing Digest

  2. Those are so cute and lovely! Those art prints can be placed in greetings cards, and make every person's heart melt. Each and every one of them show a mix of emotions, with a balance of happiness and sadness, as well as lightness and darkness. Those are real masterpieces, and I'm sure they'll sell out well. Thanks for sharing that, Simona! Kudos and more power to you!

    Ann Boone @ Apex Business Team